Monday, April 27, 2015

Watching the Driveway

I just can't seem to help it -- I'm a father. It's happened countless times. A daughter is out babysitting. She says it might be late but not too late. So, I'm thinking 10:30, maybe even 11:00, right? But it's nearly midnight. Where is she? Why doesn't she answer her cellphone? Our house is silent except for the ticking of a clock. My wife is sound asleep, but not me. My eyes aim out the window, staring past the driveway and down the road. The slightest hint of a glow that might be approaching headlights causes me to press my cheek against the cold glass for a better look.

I know, I know. A watched pot never boils. She'll get here when she gets here. I totally trust the person responsible for getting her home. And it's true that I was never given an exact time. Still...

I seem to perceive a faint glow in the distance. Is it my imagination? I fix my gaze intently as the light seems to grow brighter.

It's been nearly two-thousand years since a very dear Someone told us He'd be back. He gave no exact time, but told us to trust Him and watch for Him. He won't be too late.

But it sure seems late, and the night is very dark. I can't blame you for staring down the driveway. My cheek is pressed against the window, too.

With that mental picture, here is something I wrote that I'm considering turning into another picture book...

If Jesus Comes Today
© 2015 by Gary Bower

Since the first time Jesus came,
Earth has never been the same.
Before He left, He made this claim:
“I’m coming back someday.”

Two-thousand years seems long to you?
To Him, it’s been a day or two.
God’s promise isn’t overdue,
and Christ will come someday.

Anticipation grows and grows.
When He’s coming, no one knows.
I wonder…hmm…do you suppose
that He might come today?

Now, I’m not one to speculate
the minute, hour, or the date.
But it will sure be worth the wait
if Jesus comes today.

I’ll go nuts when He appears!
Who needs earthly souvenirs?
I’ll erupt in wild cheers
if Jesus comes today.

In the twinkling of an eye,
quick as lightning splits the sky,
I’ll be soaring very high
if Jesus comes today.

Blaring trumpets will be loud.
He’ll descend upon a cloud.
Won’t the whole wide world be wowed
if Jesus comes today!?!

Wait…a thought has just occurred:
All my loved ones, have they heard?
Have I said a single word?
What if it’s today?

Have I been afraid to speak?
Worried I’ll be called a freak?
Just too busy every week?
But Christ could come today.

Being busy’s not a crime.
Sometimes, though, I feel like I’m
wasting too much precious time.
And if He comes today…

…it won’t matter what I own,
if I’m wealthy or well-known.
What will matter? This alone
if Jesus comes today:

Did my lamp burn bright or dim?
Did love fill me to the brim?
Will He find me serving Him
if Jesus comes today?

Time is short, my heart perceives.
Time to roll up both my sleeves
and live like someone who believes
that He could come today.

Boldly, I will speak His name,
telling others Jesus came
to bear their sin and take their blame.
So, before that day…

…knowing they were highly priced –
just how much He sacrificed –
they will place their faith in Christ.
So on that special day…

…like a joyful, loving bride
drawn right to her bridegroom’s side,
they will rise up, justified.
What a happy day!

Change is in the atmosphere.
That great day is drawing near.
One day, Jesus will appear.
It just might be today.

Ready for His Father’s cue,
perhaps He’s waiting just for you.
Trust Him – you can join us, too,
if Jesus comes today!

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